Collaborative Editing (CE) technologies allow users to create and edit a wide array of shared content over computer networks. Interest in CE has seen a dramatic rise in recent years. The ubiquity of cloud services, crowdsourcing, and mobile devices means that today’s Internet citizens are increasingly accustomed to producing and editing data in a shared network environment. While systems such as Google Drive, Microsoft Web Apps, Apache Wave and Codoxware allow users to collaboratively edit shared information, they have just begun to scratch the surface of CE’s full potential. In the coming years, users will expect to be able to collaboratively create, share, and edit documents and data in a dynamic, real-time, and intuitive manor.

This workshop aims to connect researchers, developers, and users to help explore the future of CE in tomorrow’s information landscape. This workshop builds on the success of previous twelve workshops at Group'99, CSCW'00, Group'01, CSCW'02, ECSCW'03, CSCW'04, GROUP'05, CSCW'06, GROUP'07, CSCW'08, CSCW'11, CSCW'12, and CSCW'13. This year's workshop will be held on February 15/16, 2014 in conjunction with ACM CSCW 2014 at Baltimore, Maryland, USA. This year’s workshop focuses on how researchers and industry practitioners can work together to accelerate delivery of CE capabilities to meet the needs of the average information-age user.

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